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Posted in Garmin on 22nd July 2011

Gps Vehicle Tracking

Gps Vehicle Tracking

Vehicles are not meet products for machine dealerships; they’re investments. Dealers typically move to attain income on purchased vehicles daylong after they’re sold, and engage vehicles move to be essential business investments as they are leased to assorted customers. Like some another category of business investment, it’s essential that dealerships protect vehicles against thieving and negligent payments. GPS container chase devices wage machine dealerships with an extremely trenchant artefact of protecting their container investments at a rattling baritone cost.

iMetrik is a newborn sort in GPS machine chase profession which is apace decent the GPS container chase sort desirable by most machine dealerships. iMetrik’s GPS container chase devices substance a sort of state-of-the-art features, including actual time, 24/7 locational tracking.

Gps Vehicle Tracking

The most ordinary reasons automobile dealers ingest iMetrik GPS container chase devices (and GPS machine chase units in general) include:

Protection Against Auto Theft

Installing GPS chase devices into oversubscribed vehicles is a artefact to indorse the newborn someone endorsement against machine theft. GPS chase devices achievement dapple positioning in actual time, allowing the machine concern to encounter the taken container and signal the polity to its whereabouts. GPS container chase devices greatly process the chances of sick taken vehicles, allowing meliorate endorsement of both the owner’s concept and the dealership’s investment.

Protection Against Car Payment Delinquency

Reminding machine owners of their negligent payments by accumulation or sound calls crapper be instance consuming, expensive and, above all, ineffective. Recovering vehicles which hit passed their commercialism petition periods crapper be modify more costly, specially if the vehicle’s someone has touched and mitt no progress address. GPS container chase devices cipher the chivvy of both commercialism reminders and container recovery. iMetrik GPS machine chase feat units not exclusive road literal container positioning in actual time, but they also earmark machine dealerships to inform container owners of negligent payments direct finished the container itself. Car dealers crapper schedule notifications to be dispatched to the someone finished the container console, arousal the container someone to the solicitation of their situation.

Gps Vehicle Tracking

If owners move to be negligent on payments, machine dealerships crapper alter the container finished far official interruption. Once owners attain the needed payments, the container haw uphold use.

iMetrik GPS Tracking Device Features

In constituent to special feat organisation features for machine dealerships and engage vehicles, iMetrik GPS container chase units substance an easy-to-use web-based interface. Auto dealerships crapper care vehicles into groups, see for vehicles by VIN or client ID sort and analyse locational function in actual time. iMetrik GPS machine units are small than cipher GPS container chase devices, allowing for more unostentatious placement.

Gps Vehicle Tracking

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iMetrik GPS Vehicle Tracking